Maya Hawke says "F*** the Supreme Court" after Jimmy Fallon encourages her

Maya Hawke didn't keep down while visiting The Tonight Show as she talked about her family ancestry with fetus removal considering the Supreme Court's new choice to upset Roe v. Swim.

The Stranger Things star, whose guardians are Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, joined have Jimmy Fallon on the NBC late night show Tuesday 

And referenced that she had been conversing with her mother in anticipation of this Tonight Show appearance 

Hawke made sense of that she and Thurman wound up examining the Washington Post commentary that Thurman wrote in September 2021  

About an early termination the Pulp Fiction entertainer depicted having had in her late adolescents.

"We just got into discussing the Supreme Court deciding and this paper that my mother composed several months prior  

when they were putting these further limitations on fetus removal access, and it was somewhat going before this entire thing,"