Mayim Bialik's experience in Covid-19 is "no joke"

"The Big Bang Theory" star as well as "Jeopardy!" host posted a short video on her official Instagram profile 

Monday about her condition and how she's been dealing with the condition for a while.

"I I have Covid and it's not a joke there," she said. "It's very exhausting. The exhaustion is quite specific.  

I had mononucleosis back when it was college, and the exhaustion can be felt like when you are unable to remain awake. 

It is possible to try to stay awake, but suddenly, you're compelled to sleep."

Bialik who is vaccine-vaccinated and boost-in-dosed, revealed, "I do have asthma but I also have a thyroid issue 

that means I have an immune compromised condition." She also advised her followers to be on top of their game.

"I'm having a great deal of regret that I've never removed my mask for the first time in this world, or even in the outdoors," she said. 

"I'm experiencing a lot of anxiety. What is the reason I never went out? Did I really think that everything was okay?"

Bialik published an update to her Instagram account of the podcast "Bialik Breakdown" on Tuesday, 

declaring that she was feeling better, but she still suffered from fatigue, congestion and anxiety about leaving the house.