“Mean $1 billion in cap space next summer, Kyrie Irving wants the same uniform as Kobe Bryant.” Article : Smith argues the Nets star ruined his franchise to join the Lakers.

Kevin Durant wants out of Brooklyn because Kyrie Irving wants to play alongside LeBron James. It has been 4-5 years since NBA superstars have been so dynamic.

Thanks to Anthony Davis, maybe? He showed them how to leverage a trade even without hitting free agency

, a notable difference between him and LeBron James, who is known as the "King of free agency". The Brooklyn higher authorities have agreed to make a trade request from Kevin Durant.

Whether he does it like AD, James Harden, or Ben Simmons, no one will be surprised.

Nets will be surprised if they don't find a deal for their $194 million-bound man by the end of the month. 

and he would show up to training camp and for the start of the 2022-23 season. That’s not how it works in the NBA these days, and KD, for one, can not be the man who would do that.

Even after he opted into his final year of contract, Kyrie Irving is undoubtedly not the person who would do that. As suggested by Stephen A. Smith, that's why