– A 2020 lung puncture, Tyrod Taylor files a medical malpractice lawsuit against the Los Angeles Chargers team doctor, seeking at least $5 million.

Tyrod Taylor will replace Daniel Jones, in Kaplan's opinion, Tyrod Taylor will overtake Daniel Jone 

 As the team's starting quarterback sometime in the middle of the season, according to Emily Kaplan.

i s taking care of Justin Herbert's fractured rib cartilage for medical malpractice. 

 According to copies of the initial lawsuit and subsequent filings related to the case obtained by ESPN, Taylor is seeking at least $5 million.

 According to the lawsuit, Taylor, who is currently a member of the New York Giants.

 Is suing Chargers team physician David S. Gazzaniga and the Newport Orthopedic Institute that he directs.

 Both parties agreed to move the trial from its planned November date to April due to the ongoing NFL season.

 Since the case was brought in Los Angeles County Superior Court .

 In May 2021 for an injury that happened almost exactly two years ago Sunday, the problem has been simmering.

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