Mega Millions for June 21th, 2022: The numbers for the $290 million jackpot

Are you one lucky person that's about to be forever changed? These are your number

Did you purchase tickets to your ticket to Mega Millions June 21th draw?

You might be the person who will win the millionaire's jackpot.

Check the details, and determine whether your life has changed due to lucky numbers.

We have the winning numbers from Tuesday's draw for the Mega Millions Jackpot of $290 million and a cash prize in the amount of $162.3 million.

We wish you luck . be sure to check your ticket thoroughly to determine whether you're lucky enough to have the winning ticket.

M Mega millions Tickets cost $2.00 to play Players can choose the numbers they want from two distinct number pools - five numbers ranging between 1 and 70 

(the white balls) and one number between 1 and 25 (the gold Mega Ball) You can also select the Easy Pick or Quick Select.  

The jackpot is won by getting all six winning numbers from an upcoming drawing.

- Until further notice, the starting jackpot will be different depending on the number of sales. The jackpot will be announced prior to every draw.

There are nine chances to win a prize during Mega Millions that range from the jackpot to $2