Here's what Jesse Lee Soffer had to say to Halstead fans after the emotional final episode of Chicago P.D. 

By Asha

October 7.2022

"For anybody that has at any point been a Halstead fan, I simply believe you should know that I'm thankful," Soffer wrote on Twitter. 

During the Halstead-driven hour, Jay got into a fight with a suspect and — heads up! — cut the man to death.  

He would not go with Voight and Upton's main story and handed himself over to Boss Patrick O'Neal instead."Jesse, I love you, man. 

I cried a great deal IRL so you realise it's not phoney virtual entertainment stuff. SO MANY TEARS. 

"Meanwhile, the #OneChicago Twitter account shared a video message from Soffer's television sibling, Chicago Drug's Scratch Gehlfuss otherwise known as Will Halstead.

"Do you recall when you invited me into this entire establishment? I will always remember that you were so kind, patient, and truly accommodating," he said.  

"It was overwhelming at the opportunity to me and you made it significantly simpler, and from that point on we fostered this brilliant relationship that we have past this,.

Jared Leto portrays  icon Karl Lagerfeld in a biopic.