Michael Grandage Says Harry Styles explores "the sensuality of touch" with co-stars in 'My Policeman' 

Michael Grandage gathered the cast of My Policeman for two weeks of trials before the start of the main photography 

Grandage Beirut on Choreographer Ben Wright, a frequent collaborator on Grandage Theater productions, Coordinator of Us Closeness 

He told him that he "wanted the scenes to recall what I consider to be the decisive key theme of the film". 

He said, "The sensuality of touch, whether it's the first contact on the neck between Harry and David, whether it's the ritual washing that Gina accomplishes with Rupert, 

whether it's the touch of a higher level of intimacy ... that's what I really wanted to explore with the actors. 

Above all, Grandage wanted his actors — particularly Stiles and Dawson, to be comfortable with that "high level of intimacy" on My Policeman

My Policeman, which received its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival on Sunday night, is based on Bethan Roberts' novel about Tom Burgess, 

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