Mickey Rourke calls Tom Cruise irrelevant despite 35 years of playing the same role

The Oscar-relegated Wrestler entertainer loves in general virtuoso Tom Cruise, as he pounded the Top Gun: Maverick star's strategy for dealing with the craftsmanship.

"That doesn't mean s- - - to me. The person's been doing comparatively f'ing part for quite a long time, you know?" 

Rourke said on Monday's episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored of Cruise's Top Gun spin-off crossing the $1 billion etching at the general diversion world. 

I got no regard for that. Really, family. I can't gather the energy to think often about cash and impact.

Watching Al Pacino, Chris Walken, [Robert] De Niro's underlying work, Richard Harris, Ray Winstone - that is the entertainer I ought to be, as Monty Clift, [Marlon] Brando.

Right when Morgan saw whether he thought Cruise was a decent entertainer, Rourke replied: "I accept he's unnecessary.

Cruise's delegate has arrived for a reaction to Rourke's remarks, which appeared as Maverick returned with its overall results.

It has obtained scarcely shy of $597.4 million locally and $587.9 million generally for a unified $1.2 billion complete since it opened in May.