Mike Lindell said Walmart, MyPillow's largest distributor, 'canceled' him and took his pillows from his stores: 'Shame on you, Walmart!'

Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, accused Walmart of "canceling" him by removing his company's pillows from retail shelves.

On Thursday night, Insider described Lindell as a challenge and Take a closer look at the meeting where he was told by a Walmart representative that the company would only sell MyPillow products online and not in stores.

"They dropped MyPillow and it really hurt my employees because they were our biggest distributor," Lindell said. "They are far and far number one."

Lindell immediately described Walmart as "absolutely disgusting" and described his pillows as "one of the best-selling products in Walmart's history."

During an interview with Insider, Lindell said he heard that MyPillow products would not be sold in Walmart stores about two weeks ago after he returned from flying "above ground" to address "election issues."

Lindell said a Walmart representative called him from Zoom, where he suggested lowering the price of his pillows. 

He said the deputy did not come to him a week after he told his company that Walmart would drop "MyPillow". "I told him what I had offered him, and I said," Why did you do that? Why did you fire us and cancel us? " "Lindi said." If we are your best product, the best of all time!

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