Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and The Boys Skewer Gal Gadot in "Imagine" Parody: Watch

The gift is a haunting video of Gal Gadot's "Imagine" and The Boys are the last stars to join this fun. 

The episode of the superhero show Prime Video from June 23 began with a parody of celebrity singalong, where Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and other stars joined the song as The Deep and A-Train.

In case you forgot, Gal Gadot gathered troops at the beginning of the pandemic by gathering some of his famous friends to sing John Lennon's "Imagine".

. While it was supposed to evoke feelings of hope and community in a time of uncertainty, it was, of course, a meme thanks to the

 awkwardly edited clips of Gadot, Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Fallon and other celebrities singing in different tones. 

 Almost two years later, star Wonder Woman finally admitted that her celebrity tweak was "in bad taste."

In The Boys, The Deep (Chace Crawford) takes on the role of Gadot and begins freezing with the same untouched monologue.