Miles Teller made light of "Lost"

By kumari

oct 01-10-22

When they first met, Miles Teller jokingly said he became "lost in Prince William's eyes." You go, Miles Teller, to the royal prison!

The actor from "Top Gun: Maverick" got to know Prince William. Kate Middleton attended the action movie's English premiere in May.

 Sadly, when he saw them, he went against the rules.  The actor, 35, recounted the royal gaffe during his Thursday night

Appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." They lay out all the dos and don'ts in detail for you.

Teller emphasised that there is a lot of etiquette 

 To avoid messing it up, I "sort of brought a sheet" with me.

The "Divergent" actor was so entranced that he forgot about the rules.

 I made a mistake right away, he admitted..

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