Millennium Americans cancel student loans.

Millions of Americans have money thanks to the cancellation of their student loans, but unlike the epidemic stimulus 

– this won't lead to a purchasing frenzy in stocks.To cancel $300 billion in student loans, the Biden Administration is preparing.

– Retail investors are hardly going to rush into stocks using debt relief, in contrast to pandemic stimulus handouts.Currently,

heated inflation and a decline in asset prices must be dealt with by individual investors 

Millions of Americans will benefit from the $300 billion student loan forgiveness programme implemented by the US government 

– but market experts told Insider that they shouldn't anticipate a repeat. – the "stimmy" boom of retail investors who piled up stocks and cryptocurrencie

– using pandemic stimulus checks."I don't anticipate it to spark a fresh meme-stock rally.  – These are monthly payments that, over time, will cause some of those assets,