Mississippi River's Low Water Level Reveals Shipwreck 

By priya

october 21,2022


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 The Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, now has a shipwreck along its banks as water levels drop and threaten to break records in some places. 

A Baton Rouge citizen who was jogging along the shore earlier this month found the ship,  

 which archaeologists believe to be a ferry that sank in the late 1800s or early 1900s. 

The discovery is the most recent to emerge from the ebbing waters brought on by the drought. 

 The Lake Mead National Recreation Area's summer receding waters uncovered a number of skeleton remains,  

 much dried-out fish, a cemetery of abandoned boats, and even a sunken World War II-era craft that had surveyed the lake. 

 A portion of the 95-foot (29-meter) long boat can be seen today on the mucky shoreline close to Baton Rouge's central business district. 

8. the abnormally low level of water in the lower Mississippi River, where there has been below-average rainfall since late August, has caused chaos. 

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By priya

image credit:google