'Moonhaven' host Dominic Monaghan dishes on his new show

Monaghan has played a hobbit in "The Lord of the Rings," a castaway in "Lost," and a specialist on the moon in "Moonhaven."

The most resuscitating thing about this show is that it's examining that the future could be better," Monaghan, 45, told The Post.

"Moonhaven" on AMC+ is set in a future where the Earth is failing horribly and the moon is a hopeful neighborhood.

Paul (Monaghan) is a criminal examiner, yet his occupation is very surprising from what it looks like on Earth.

Since an AI structure enables him and his associate Arlo  to conclude the explanation and liable party of a bad behavior 

Their positions are more like new-agey experts as they console people about how to answer a bad behavior.

Not long before the neighborhood development back to Earth, Paul and Arlo are entrusted with tackling their most important crime.

He doesn't figure it will change the level of interest in the films, regardless.