16  0CTOBER 2022 

pair of Levi's pants from the 1880s for more than $87,000 "denim archaeologist," were purchased by Kyle Hautner, 23, and Zip Stevenson


Stevenson told CNN, "We did not  have  plans to buy the jeans, which is kind of insane."

included a 15% buyer's premium, was $87,400, making them one of the most expensive pairs of jeans ever sold

Stevenson has operated a denim repair business in Los Angeles, but he had never come .

according to Stevenson, by Michael Harris, who "has looked in at least 50 abandoned mines for five years 

The jeans are really sturdy overall, however there are a few weak parts that may use some strengthening.

average vintage jeans are worth about $100 which was why he put them up for this "massive" price.

for more than $87,000in mine shaft sell 19th-century Levi's jeans found