Motley Crue's Tommy Lee: "My Heart Is Broken, And The Ribs"

There has been a lot of speculation that, since the start of the current reunion tour Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee has been leaving 

after just two songs because of the recent breaking of ribs.  

the meantime, video has been uploaded of Tommy talking to the crowd during the group's Miami show on the 18th of June In the video, 

Tommy explains that being unable to perform for the entirety of the show with his bandmates is a source of stress emotionally and physically difficult.

In the video below beginning at 16:45, Tommy speaks to his fans at Miami that (as the transcription was done from Ultimate Classic Rock):

"My heart is broken as are my ribs. So , the doctor says"Listen Bro. Also, there's you're not allowed to play.  

Then I'm like "Dude, there's no way to do it. We're on tour for the next couple of days. What will I do?' I'm going to be fucking my way out and in as much that I possibly can. "

My little Tommy here, will my a** here. And I'll be back. I'll be with you within a moment. However,  

at the moment right now the show has to continue, goddamn it!" Fans can see Motley Crue on any of their remaining shows of their Stadium Tour: