"Musk texted Larry Ellison "on early morning"

Elon Musk texted Larry Ellison before announcing the suspension of his Twitter agreement.

The co-founder of Oracle, who has known Musk for a long time, committed $1 billion to the transaction.

Musk and the co-founder of Oracle communicated through text message from May 12 until May 13 at 12:20 a.m.

The tweet served as a prelude to Musk's later attempt to formally renege on the agreement on July 8.

Twitter initially sent a letter to the Delaware Chancery division on September 16.

Twitter served Ellison with a subpoena in August, but the sms messages have not yet been made public.

The largest co-investor in the deal is the cofounder of Oracle, who promised $1 billion to the Tesla CEO's bid for Twitter in May.

Twitter also refers to Musk's legal team's efforts to produce the messages for discovery as "moth-eaten production."

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