My complicated relationship to my My Chemical Romance tattoo

A tattoo can be a lifelong journey that brings out many emotions, from pride to embarrassment. Even more so when you only turn 18 and choose a band-related tattoo.

My teenage years were filled with My Chemical Romance. I was a Teenagers fan,  

I learned Ray Toro’s speech at I'm Not Okay(I Promise) and performed a dramatic rendition 

on Singstar for PS2. I also religiously searched eBay for a Black Parade jacket that I couldn't afford.

In 2010, people still loved The Black Parade. But when Danger Days,  

The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys came out, everyone I knew loathed it.  

It was not dark enough or emo... It was great and I love it.

One week after my 18th Birthday, I got a tattoo on my arm of the Danger Days Spider. I searched for the cheapest tattoo shop I could find.  

It was a basement in another shop that was poorly lit and smelled of antiseptic.  

Before they let me in, I explained my reasons for being there like I was at a job interview.

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