NBA Analyst once pointed out that a Hall Of Fame Career Separates Michael Jordan From LeBron James: "It's Like 'Oh It's Close'. It's Not."

He is thought of as the best small forward ever. He was a formidable player at his peak 

and, based on what has been his performance, many think he's the best of basketball.

Although there are certainly many who believe that LeBron James is the best player of all time  

but the majority of them would consider Michael Jordan as the GOAT.  

NBA Analyst Kevin Wildes once pointed out that a full Hall of Fame career separates LeBron James from Michael Jordan. (0:25)

It's not a secret there's no doubt that Michael Jordan had the greatest performance in the sport and in his prime He was unbeatable. 

He won three times, and it's clear that it's going to be difficult for any athlete, current or past, to beat Michael Jordan.

In the end, LeBron James has had an incredible career. He has played in many more finals than Michael Jordan 

often being capable of taking teams with weak players to the top level by himself. His longevity is also amazing and he's still the top player in the present.

The GOAT debate is something that will continue to rage for a long time. Maybe one day there will be a person who can be considered an undisputed GOAT,  

compared to LeBron James or Michael Jordan, but most people would say that such a player is not in existence at the moment.