NBA World Defends Billionaire Michael Jordan

By priya

october 21,2022


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 NBA World defends billionaire Michael Jordan, saying that he "makes $3 million every five hours," 

when fans compare the $140 million contract signed by a 23-year-old Warriors star.

The focus is now on Jordan Poole following the fight between Draymond Green and Poole.

Recently, the NBA veteran Michael Jordan and the star of the Golden State Warriors were contrasted in terms of their respective career earnings.

Fans couldn't help but connect the two because they both come from the same field and have the same name, or in MJ's case, a surname.

However, when it was revealed that Poole had made more money overall than "His Airness," fans rushed to his rescue.

 In his basketball career, Michael Jordan reportedly made over $90 million. '

Poole's career earnings will reach over $150 million thanks to the new four-year deal, which is allegedly worth $140 million.

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