NBA World Reacts To Ayesha Curry's Parade Outfit

On Monday, the Golden State Warriors held their title walk in the streets of San Francisco. Fans promptly saw that Ayesha Curry was wearing a surprising look 

Ayesha wearing emitted an impression of being a dress made of Steph Curry's sweatshirt.

We've seen Ayesha wear Steph's shirts beforehand, so this isn't completely new to us. Nevertheless, this time around she didn't go with the standard look.

Most of the responses to Ayesha's outfit for the title walk were positive. A couple of fans can't get enough of the merry couple.

"Targets," one fan replied. "That is a good idea for an outfit," another fan said. "So enchanting," a third fan tweeted. All through the week's end, Ayesha posted a certifiable message on Instagram for Steph.

"Delighted Father's Day my reverence!!! You are an angel in the world and we love you unfathomable!" she created.

The Curry family will have a ton of inspirations to compliment this month.