By Sandhya

November 3, 2022

Netanyahu's government will likely clash with the Biden administration

In his recent waning days as Israel's prime minister — just over a year ago — Benjamin Netanyahu made no secret of his disdain for President Biden. 

Netanyahu, fighting to save his own political neck, suggested that Biden was weak against Israel's most formidable foes, Iran and the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

And vowed to defy Democrat-led Washington if necessary.

On Wednesday, Netanyahu was again elected to Israel's top government post, following the country's 5th election in four years.

His right-wing coalition, which includes the ultra-Orthodox and ultra-nationalists, appeared to have secured a solid majority in the Knesset, or parliament. 

Today, we won a huge vote of confidence,” Netanyahu told cheering supporters from his Likud party early Wednesday.

Many chanted "Bibi, King of Israel!" Using a nickname he's known for.

If they hold, the results will complicate Israel's relationship with the United States.


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