This month, Netflix is releasing a tonne of spooky content. 


By sravanthi

october 17,2022

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Mr. Harrigan's Phone, their most recent adaptation of a Stephen King short story, 

has risen to the top spot as Netflix's most-watched horror movie, just in time for October.

The movie is currently the second-most watched one available on Netflix in the entire United States.

As already said, this is not the first Stephen King short tale that Netflix has adapted into a full-length movie. 

They've produced a number of high-quality movies based on his short stories, such as Gerald's Game, 1922, and In the Tall Grass  

In the story Mr. Harrigan's Phone, a young boy makes friends with a mysterious billionaire.

The elderly man is buried with an iPhone after he passes away, and the boy soon begins to get voicemails from the man in the grave.

 Netflix's No.1 Horror Movie Is a New Stephen King Film