New Call Ads by Meta Have Callback Option 

Meta has disclosed some fresh updates to its "Call Ads" enabling users to call your business for information.

A new "callback" feature being tested by Meta will let customers ask for a call back from company .

The callback option is currently being tested by Meta with a few particular companies.

Meta is also experimenting with new ways to evaluate the effectiveness of Call Ads within Ads Manager.

It is also testing a new "pre-call" function that will allow advertisers to add more context to their Call Ads.

Meta is including a 60-second call optimization option under a number of objectives.

 Allowing companies to "optimize their advertisements to reach those who are most likely to engage in a longer conversation.

 Meta is exploring a new in-app calling feature that would let users make audio calls directly from Call Ads and Meta's apps.

 If you're trying to attract younger customers, call ads might not be very effective 

Youngsters are more reluctant to really speak on the phone due to years of more indirect communication via message and social media.

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