NFL fines Ron River $ 100,000, defeats Washington commander in two OTA training sessions in 2023

ASHBURN, Va. - According to Dan Grazian of ESPN, NFL-trained Washington commander Ron River was fined $ 100,000 and in 2023 fired a team of two OTAs for excessive contact in spring training.

The NFL Players' Association reviewed the training video on June 1st and 8th - each at the request of the commanders - and told the NFL Board that it believed such practices violated the "live contact ban" collective agreement. After examining the work, the Council agreed.

The NFL announced the sentences through a letter from Washington General Manager Martin Mayhew. The letter says "there is no doubt" that the team is doing so to gain a competitive advantage. 

The commanders, who completed the spring exercise on Thursday, declined to comment.  

According to the letter, "the intensity and fluidity of the club's internal gaming and arcade coverage during training sessions against 11 in Washington was at a level where players were clearly involved in physical collisions." The players fall to the ground.

"In some cases," the letter says, "players are slowly recovering from collisions."

The letter says Rivera must intervene as the training becomes more physical and reminds players of the rules and "maintain reasonable control" of the training.

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