NFL top 10 jerseys sold by 2022 Broncos' Russell Wilson No. 1. Steelers' Kenny Pickett in the top five

This was one of the most unpredictable offseasons to occur in NFL time. There's no need to debate that. 

There were numerous stars that made their debuts in new teams and the quarterback carousel was moving at an incredible velocity, 

and the demand for wide receivers was booming. The best player of all time not retired, and is currently inactive.

With the number of famous players changing teams, it's clear that fans will need to purchase jerseys that are brand new.  

This week it was revealed that the NFL Shop announced its top 10 jerseys sold by the year 2022. 

As we're halfway through the season and nearing the close of the offseason Let's look at the way we're doing

Wilson is the most popular. One jersey is available and it's easy to understand the reason. 

It's not a surprising that the Broncos are looking for a quarterback that could be considered an established 

ranchise since the Peyton Manning days and then they struck by making a massive deal to acquire the Super Bowl champion