17  0CTOBER 2022 

The two most effective quarterbacks in the National Football League are, arguably, the ones in charge of the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs.


However, the game on Sunday afternoon hasn't quite reached the halfway point and we still don't have a score.

On Sunday, the Chiefs appeared to make a scoring run, but a penalty ended that. Brittany, Mahomes' wife, isn't happy.

She tweeted, "I mean how many TDs do we have to get for it to count? 

One follower tweeted, "LITERALLY!!! What kind of bs is this shit?!?!?"

They've already stolen two of our successes, a supporter chimed in.

However, not everyone agrees. Another fan said, "I mean no offense, but how many NFL quarterback's wives tweet out after every call? 

The lineman was 3+ yards downfield thus it was the correct decision. This is coming from a chiefs fan."

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