NFL World Reacts To Warren Sapp's View On Colin Kaepernick

Warren Sapp recently revealed what he learned about Colin Kaepernick's time with the Las Vegas Raiders. 

According to the unbelievable protective lineman, the exercise was a "catastrophe."

"I heard it was a catastrophe. It had been described as one of the most horrendously awful exercises of all time.  

I wonder how on earth the tape didn't get out," Sapp said during a meeting on VladTV.

After his exercise, Kaepernick, who hasn't played in that frame of mind since 2016, remains unsigned.

I said long ago that he had nothing to acquire, only that he might lose his return Never shocked by any mean

"On second thought, it is odd, but to be expected, that no one has mentioned Kaepernick's workout,"

Since 2016, Kaepernick hasn't played proficient football, so it's not shocking to hear that he might have been corroded.