Nicholas likes sports and wants to be on a sports team 

By Sandhya

October 4.2022

Monday's Child: Nicholas (12), who goes by "Nick," is a sweet and polite boy of Hispanic descent.

He likes pets and is compassionate to all he knows.

He has a very comic sense of humor and can easily joke with others. 

Being well groomed and clean is very necessary to Nick.

He also wants video games but prefers to be active outside and burn off his power rather than being inside.

Freed for adoption, Nick will do well in any family arrangement where there are no adults, children, or other children in the home. 

He does well at home with routine, structure, and lots of love to give. He now visits his siblings regularly.

Nick has so much potential and his new family is waiting to help him reach his potential so he can reach for the stars.

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