Not My Pick. Viewers Inquire: Was Sexism to Blame for the Ousting of a TV Anchor?

Allegations that age, sex, or grey hair had a role in Lisa LaFlamme's unexpected termination .

As a seasoned journalist were refuted by the chief executive of a Canadian news network.

One of Canada's most recognisable faces shocked viewers from a temporary studio while speaking in the measured tones of a news anchor.

This caused a PR catastrophe for a national broadcaster and sparked heated debates about how employers treat women as they get older.

She did it with an unanticipated, courteous farewell.

She stated emphatically that Bell Media, the organization that owns CTV, made the choice and not her.

She claimed that the decision to terminate her contract was a "business decision" taken by the corporation and that she was "blindsided" by the phone conversation.