Olivia Wilde Praises Her Work and Says, "I Love My Life" After refuting Nanny's assertions.

By priya

october 19,2022


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The 38-year-old performer and director was recognised at Elle's Women. 

In Hollywood Commemoration on Monday evening there at Getty Center in Los Angeles.  

When she spoke about her professional life and the criticism. 

That she has endured, she exclaimed, "I love my life." 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, she remarked in her speech. 

She said "I had been a performer who began building but then finally got the confidence to try filmmaking. 

And wouldn't have done any of this at all if I knew Twitter would indeed be created."  

But now that I'm here, it's a genuine delight to get what is unquestionably the best job in the world" she concluded.  

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