On Sunday, July 17, 2022, here are the rough horoscopes for the 3 zodiac sign

The individual you want to have a selective relationship with is an intriguing turn in your adoration life. 

While you aren't exactly in the 'companion zone,  you are not somebody they should focus on, which will ruin your day

They are absolutely into you, but 'not that way.

Today, we are working with Venus in Cancer, and keeping in mind that that might energize sensations of extraordinary sentiment

those sentiments may not be responded to for certain signs. 

Thwarted once more! The great part is that it's not entirely sad. 

In the event that you could just set those serious sentiments aside for later,

It is possible to turn your heartfelt interest into something more than excursion status.

You have Venus in Cancer on your side, however the timing is simply off, that's it in a nutshell. You're advocating your own affection life

I apologize, but I can't sign on today. You have to trust the other individual to sign on, and they may do so.

In the event that Venus in Cancer wasn't the most suitable travel for the day, we may have considered some other option besides love,