On the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Mila Kunis responds to the boos with the correct tone. 


10 OCTOBER,2022


Kunis began the conversation with the uncomfortable tale of realising she was missing panties. 

From her event dress sometime before heading to appear in front of the cameras. 

She claimed to be chatting to Jimmy Kimmel despite donning her publicist's bras. 

And her manager's socks, and perhaps some kids clothes that had been altered to become new clothing fit her 

 When Kimmel jokingly joked concerning whether the team members.

Whoever had contributed the final few items of her wardrobe could appear on the platform. 

Receive some acknowledgment because of what transpired below the scenes, 

 the audience laughed heartily.  The introductory joke was instantly forgotten, though.

Kyler Murray Receives the heaviest criticism for donning an awful pregame outfit.