Our hearts are beating fast as we laugh at a couple's horseback riding trip in Jamaica that went horribly wrong.

Horseback riding on a stunning tropical island? Certainly! With completely clear waters, new outdoors, and delightful ponies, what's the worst that could happen?

All things considered, we're happy you inquired. Vacation travel bloggers @honeymoonalways know the preciseness very thing. 

that can happen while horseback riding doesn't go to plan, and presently all of TikTok knows, as well. 

Truly, we're so happy they posted it! It might have been somewhat of a stinky circumstance for these two,.

however from the security of our telephones, it's really darn interesting.

They could never have picked a more wonderful sound matching for this clasp - 'good gracious' is correct! We'd be decidedly losing it in the event that this happened to us. 

so praise this gathering for staying mentally collected. In any case, it seems like a ton of the analysts would've been disgusted like us!