Plenty of car chip key Refid did not cut the skin ,there is one solution implanted in his hands US$400 on vivokey Apex chip it's open now . 

Owner of Tesla Dalaly inserted Vivokey Apex chip on his hand to replace his car key placed on his skin to start the car.

Brandon used one of the solutions like KIMISS Tesla car key purchase on Amazon 

Elon Musk implanted this announced through tweeter.

The Tesla Key app connected through Bluetooth and sometimes worked half the time.

The tesla car key is designed by a professional covered with biocompatible coating that will charge US $400 in this procedure. 

Which exists some skin to exchange part from our trashuman in future probably Vivokey did not have shell out for the chip. 

Brandon says this is picked up to take a long time for the sensor after implanted in 3 days it can also be paired with tesla. 



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