Here is the parenting approach I never employed with my children despite raising two successful CEOs and a doctor. 

Especially in the post-pandemic environment of today, parenting is difficult. Raising my own three girls wasn't at all simple 

– Janet is a physician, Susan is the CEO of YouTube, and Anne is the co-founder and CEO of 23andMe.

They excelled in highly competitive, male-dominated fields of work.

your children's paths in order to spare them from difficulties and frustrations is known as "helicopter parenting," sometimes known as "snowplow parenting."

Children who are overly involved are disempowered because you are practically doing everything for them and seeing to it that all of their needs are addressed before you ever realise they exist.

Children should not be left alone to go shopping or prepare dinner when they are under the age of ten. Give them age-appropriate difficulties.

Starting with us, the parents will build trust. When we have faith in the decisions we make.

We can put our faith in our children to take the required actions to become empowered.

At 86, Woody Allen announces his retirement from filmmaking.