Passengers on 'oversold' flights are reportedly offered $10,000 each by Delta Air Line

As part of an oversold flight from Michigan to Minnesota, Delta Air Lines offered passengers $10,000 to surrender their seats. Yes, $10K.

Several media outlets reported the airline offered it to each passenger who volunteers to be bumped off a domestic flight.

There was no immediate response from Delta to a request for comments. An outbound flight attendant rang the intercom as he sat waiting for the aircraft to leave the gate on an outbound plane.

A $10,000 offer was being made to eight volunteers on the "apparently oversold" flight. “The money will be available right now if you have Apple Pay,” Aten wrote

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The eight members of Aten's team didn't raise their hands, as they weren't aware of how many volunteers were needed right away. "The time we found out it was eight had already passed; we would have gotten off," he said.

Aten wrote that his wife was still unhappy about it, so no matter what I say, they didn't take it. At least one other passenger confirmed Aten's account.