Pete Davidson wants to be a father. It's my dream'

In a new interview, Hart revealed that the comic dreams of becoming a father.

"I am a true member of my own family. My favorite issue, which I have yet to get, is that I want to have children. 

" Peacock revealed in a peek at "Hart to Heart" Tuesday. Kim Kardashian's 28-year-old boyfriend said, "That's my dream."

While Davidson tried to justify his need by calling it "fantastic Corny", Hart jumped in and declared  

"it's not high-quality corny, it's the extraordinary God rattling thing that you can do in your lifestyles." 

Davidson gave assurance and continued by saying that he believes fatherhood "just be so a joke" and uses it to raise himself.

"I'm so excited for that bankruptcy. That's basically what I'm preparing now. Simply looking to be as good as possible,  

expand my knowledge, and make it easier for others. The comedians talked about how early trauma in their lives shaped their lives. They often used comedy as therapy.

"I tell my friends that every time I feel like 'if all things turned into satisfactory, if I had a pleasant childhood,