'Pirates Of The Caribbean': Johnny Depp Won't Return

A crazy talk as of late spread through the web, riding the rush of naive being a fan directly following the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard preliminary 

which ignited a storm of help for the previous Pirates of the Caribbean star.

The talk expresses that Depp is set to get back to his most famous job, as Captain Jack Sparrow, for right around $301 million bucks. 

The talk likewise implied that a Disney Plus series may be in progress, that would investigate the early long stretches of Jack Sparrow 

As entertaining as it is watch a maturing Depp play the more youthful variant of a job that he has been calling in for essentially the last two movies, the talk is simply false.

$301 million is a crazy figure, equivalent to the whole financial plan of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - not a modest film 

Before he was terminated from the establishment, Depp was supposedly due to acquire $22.5 million for his sixth appearance as Jack Sparrow; he got $50 million for the third film