'Proud dad' to 3 million children

Summer Clayton probably won't have children, in light of everything, yet at a similar he's a "satisfied father" to 2.8 million people on TikTok.

Reliably, he plunks down to dinner and a virtual encounter with his "kids." He explores the camera with compassion and tells them he's happy for them.  

He tells them the best way to shave, and reminds them feeling torture when life harms is OK. From time to time, he asks with them.

"OK, how was your day?" he says in a solitary continuous video directly following putting down a plate of birria tacos and soup for his virtual youth. "Tell me something advantageous that happened and one testing thing that happened."

He quits, allowing time for a response. "Okay ... I see you. That is genuinely cool .... I would laud that! Okay, what's one test that you expected to vanquish today?" he asks.

Another deferral. "For sure, I'm sorry you expected to go through that," he continues. "Regardless, I believe that you keep on speaking with people about how you feel. I love you, I do. We ought to eat!"

Clayton, a standard resident health guide at Columbus Air Force Base in northeastern Mississippi, isn't a subject matter expert or an all encompassing coach. He's moreover only 26 and has no kids.

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