Q'orianka Killian, a star of the movie 'Yellowstone' is accused of fraud in the disability payments system

Q'orianka Kilcher is the actress who plays Q'oriank. She was allegedly in receipt of disability benefits while she was able to work.

Authorities said Monday that the 32-year-old actress was charged with fraud for allegedly cashing nearly $97,000 in disability payments 

while she appeared on "Yellowstone." Two felonies of worker insurance fraud are being brought against Kilcher, according to the California Department of Insurance in an announcement.

Kilcher is believed by have suffered injuries to her neck and right shoulder while playing the role of a character on "Dora" 

" during her time as a part of "Dora" in October 2018. According to an insurance department report, Kilcher was also injured in that episode.

Michael Becker, her lawyer, stated that she was driving a production vehicle at the time of the accident.

"Third-party physicians validated her injury, and she is entitled to benefits. The woman. Becker stated that  

Kilcher was always open with her doctors and treatment providers. She never accepted benefits she wasn't entitled to."

An insurance claim was filed one year later and she stated that she had been offered a job 

but she couldn't accept it because of chronic neck pain from her injury.