Queen Elizabeth's duties were rolled back following alarming health concern

In recent times The Queen was unable to attend important occasions because of persistent mobility issues. 

The Queen's job has been cut off officially due to these health concerns.

The annual report of the monarchy released in the last week, revealed the title of Queen Elizabeth II's position in the role of head  

of state was modified from 13 bulleted points to a more general description. 

The responsibilities that the 96-year-old "must be able to fulfill" have been trimmed as per The Sunday Telegraph. 

This is only the second time in over 10 years that there have formal changes to the description of her duties.  

This is a recognition of the monarch's long-running health concerns.

The Queen has been a bit of a snoozer. She has lost Prince Philip in April was apathetically from high-profile occasions  

and transferring some of her commitments towards her children. This past May, the Prince of Wales Charles formally inaugurated Britain's Parliament 

This was for the first time in almost sixty years his mom didn't attend the opening ceremony.