Rachel Nichols joins Showtime after controversial ESPN exit 

By Sandhya

October 1,2022

Nichols, who is white, was pulled from the air at ESPN last year after the New York Times reported on derogatory comments he made about a black colleague. 

A year after the high-profile cancellation of her television show, Rachel Nichols is back. 

Showtime Sports announced Friday that Nichols is joining the premium television network to anchor its basketball coverage, with her first appearance Friday on the "All the Smoke" podcast. 

For five years, Nichols was ESPN's N.B.A. coverage, sitting down for interviews with big stars, covering the playoffs, and hosting its daily basketball show, "The Jump."

But she was released from the air and her show withdrew last year after the New York Times noted Nichols' disparaging remarks about Maria Taylor, her co-worker at ESPN at the time. 

In an unknowingly registered July 2020 discussion with an adviser to Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, Nichols, who is white, said Taylor, who is black, was chosen to host the 2020 N.B.A.

Finals coverage instead of her because ESPN leaders are "feeling pressure" on diversity.

After the Times' report, Taylor left ESPN for NBC, where she hosts "Football Night in America," among other duties. 

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