Rapinoe unworthy of Presidential Medal of Freedom

The nation's forerunners were surrounded by the best and most brilliant to serve them, and through confident expansion, us as well.

Yet, in the event that they can't get straightforward, right-from-wrong matters right …

In 1990, Arnold Schwarzenegger was named Chairman of President Bush's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports despite his steroid-induced fame and fortune.

This was a silly decision, contradictory to both actual wellness and sports. 

Without a doubt there would be a clamor, far reaching mocking to switch this off track choice.  

Yet, nothing. Everybody adored "Ahh-nold," prearranged legend of experience motion pictures.

President Biden granted soccer star and gay and female privileges extremist Megan Rapinoe — awful in her unpalatable, self-stricken, 

We received the Presidential Medal of Freedom despite raunchy directness all through the 2019 Women's World Cup in France