Rapture: Sydney Sweeney Explains How Cassie's Hot Tub Scene Was Filmed

Rapture star Sydney Sweeney focuses on shooting Cassie's season 2 breakdown in a hot tub.

Composed and coordinated by series maker Sam Levinson, Euphoria season 2 featured how Rue kept on battling with enslavement 

even as it took steps to destroy her life. The show likewise dove further into the guardians in the high schooler show,

examing Cal (Eric Dane) as an alleged family man that has been managing assimilated homophobia and step by step fraying at the edges

Blended in with these weighty storylines, 

watchers additionally saw the somewhat more happy circle of drama including Cassie, Nate, and Maddy.

Essentially for a period, Euphoria shifted focus over to Cassie's freshly discovered relationship a little of humor.

This was maybe most apparent in Euphoria season 2, episode 4.

Named "You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can 

the episode incorporates a scene where Cassie joins her dearest companion Maddy and Maddy's ex, Nate, in a hot tub.

Taking into account Cassie's been subtly dating Nate, the air rapidly becomes abnormal.

Troubled by her mysterious, Cassie winds up heaving in a contention among Maddy and Nate.

Talking with THR, Sweeney was gotten some information about the most provoking scene to film in Euphoria season 2.