Record of Ragnarok Season 2, Poster Unveiled Netflix Release Window

Record of Ragnarok is officially returning to Netflix.  

A new poster tease more of the great fights that are coming their way has been revealed. 

Ajichika and Takumi Fukui fought in the first season of Shinya Umemura's manga series.  

he anime made its global debut on Netflix last Summer, . Fans had been teased that there were plans to continue  

the anime with a second episode. The second season is now officially announced. Words have been scarce since the first tease last year.

The official Twitter account of Record Of Ragnarok has announced that the second season will air on Netflix sometime in 2023. 

Although there's no release date yet, fans can get a better idea of what to expect with the new episodes 

by seeing a poster that highlights the next series of fights. There are some major literary and god figures still in the works, 

but this is only if the series hits better in the new episodes. Due to the fact that each fight in the first season was animated,  

there was a lot of controversy among fans. There is also concern that the new episodes could make the same mistakes.  

It will be quite a while until we see it in motion, but it is due to arrive next year.  

The first episode of the series is available on Netflix. Officially, Ragnarok is described as such:

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