Regina Hall said that may Smiths Apology Video is that the First Stepto Possible Redemption

When asked about Will Smith’s recent video during which he apologized for slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars Regina  

Hall told me Monday at the premiere of her new comedy mockumentary . Hall plays the wife of a preferred pastor

She related the Oscar fiasco to “Honk for Jesus. after a scandal forces them to shut their doors who are on a groundwork to reopen their megachurch.

Hall said,redemption the full point is we will evolve from maybe where we are on july 29 ,Smith released 

his apology video on YouTube.he says within the video there's no a part of me that thinks that was the proper thanks to behave therein moment.

He says it had been confusing and shocking . He also promised to grow from the incident into the globe 

I committed to require love and light-weight. I certainly had such a lot fun, she said.