Duke Aiona, a Republican running for governor this year, is having trouble raising the money 

needed to spread his message.As of September 26, according to his most recent state filing, he

had collected less than $171,000 in contributions. In comparison, Democratic nominee Lt. Gov. Josh Green spend 

more than $3 million on his primary contest. He also raised close to $3.73 million during this election cycle.

Aiona is severely cash-strapped weeks before the start of mail-in voting, according to the most recent documents.

Aiona said that he might need up to $1 million for the competition, but he was optimistic that "we'll get there."

Campaign veterans in the strongly Democratic state of Hawaii predicted Aiona would struggle to raise money since, 

 Green is thought to have an advantage, and funders frequently support the candidates who apper to have the best chance of winning