Residents of Florida island were cut off from the mainland by hurricane 

By Sandhya

October 5.2022

A week after Hurricane Ian hit Florida, citizens of one of its barrier islands will be permitted to view their homes Wednesday for the first time after the storm devastated a once-quiet community.

City Manager Dana Souza said Sanibel Island residents returning to survey the damage to their community were in shock.

"It's emotional when they look at their belongings up close and see the harm that this storm has done to them," Souza told CNN. 

Residents will be allowed to travel to the island by private boat, officials said. 

For those who don't have entry to a private boat, Sanibel Mayor Holly Smith said the city is calling on captains to help others get to the island because there is currently no ferry service. 

Sanibel will be open to residents for limited surveying on the day President Joe Biden visits Florida to witness Ian's devastation firsthand. 

Biden is set to receive a briefing from Gov. Ron DeSantis and other local officials during his visit.

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