Review of the Google Pixel 6A: Midrange Parts and Tensor Smart

The Tensor chipset in the 6A is what sets this midrange phone apart.

The Pixel A-series phone was consistently the top Android phone in its midrange class for a few years running.  

Things are a little different with the Pixel 6A. For its Pixel phones, Google is reevaluating its priorities, while rivals like Samsung have closed the gap 

Although the 6A still offers the finest performance and camera quality for the money, it is no longer as obvious a choice as it once was.

The 6A, as is customary for the A-series, offers the majority of what the Pixel 6 and, to a lesser extent, the Pixel 6 Pro, have to offer at a significantly lower price  $449 as opposed to the Pixel 6's starting price of $599. 

A glass back panel, wireless charging, or a quicker screen refresh rate are not included. 

However, you do receive the same fundamental features as the top models. 

In past years, that meant the cheaper models typically had a less powerful processor but the exact same industry-leading camera.